“Circular Economy is not an activity for the sustainability department, it is an innovation, a new mindset and a business strategy for competitiveness and survival.”
~ Linn Lindfred

Are you interested in how to implement and scale circularity in business? Then Linn Lindfred is the right person to talk to! She is an entrepreneur and consultant based in  Stockholm,  Sweden. Linn has founded a sole proprietorship called Circularista AB, which partly aims at educating in circular economy. Me and Linn first got in contact through a start-up initiative called “Waste2Value”. She co-founded the company in 2017 with the aim to establish a digital marketplace for trading with industrial waste. The company has won her two separate entrepreneurship awards.

At present she is supporting the pilot project CIRinK 2 – Designing and testing circularity indicators with expertise in circular economy together with RISE, IVL, Humlegården (a real estate company) and me! She also works as a consultant at Jayway by Devoteam. There she is responsible for the initiative of designing digital solutions for circular economy and sustainable innovation. Linn has given speeches at several conferences and to companies and participated in debates in Almedalen. She also holds an M.Sc. in management and economics of innovation from Chalmers University of Technology.

Linn is very driven and wants to make a big impact by reducing environmental impact through circular economy. Her personal traits combined with her knowledge about the flaws of the existing economic system are crucial in the journey towards a sustainable society!

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