A life cycle model offers more than just efficient hardware use
~ 3stepIT

Are you interested in circular use of IT-equipment? Then you should learn more about 3step IT! It was founded in 1997 and today it is an international company whose main service is treatment of IT-equipment using a life cycle approach. Their success comes from helping their customers to buy, manage and replace their IT-equipment in an efficient, safe and sustainable way. Their business model is unique that way, since it applies circular theories in practice. Collecting, repairing and reusing are some examples of how they do this. By doubling the life time of a computer of phone through looping, 3stepIT manages to create meaningful environmental benefits. To make this business model possible they monitor the IT-equipment, using asset management systems. That way, both 3stepIT and their customers get a clear picture of when it should be collected, repaired and prepared for the next loop.

My cooperation with 3stepIT includes me helping them get relevant research material. This can be used for marketing purposes and creating a movement for policy instruments relevant for their market.

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