This project aims to contribute to a system change on regional level by helping small to medium sized companies (SME:s) getting ready to go circular. It is named “Sustainable Value Creation through Circular Business Models” (Swedish: Hållbart värdeskapande genom circulära affärsmodeller). We focus on helping companies in a region located in the middle of Sweden named Gävleborg. The project is sponsored by the European regional fund and is divided into three sub objectives. These are as follow:

  • Strengthen the ability of SME:s to work with circular business models
  • Develop a market for secondary materials
  • Increase the competence in circular economy in the public sector

The different sub objectives are conducted by project members from University of Gävle, Region Gävleborg, RISE and Triple Steelix. I work together with the circular economy expert Stephen Hinton who is the project leader for my part of the project. Together we partly help in different development projects that the project consists of. I also contribute to research within the field of circular economy by providing research material about circularity metrics.

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